Sagouspe Real Estate, Inc.

Sagouspé Real Estate, Inc. and Correia-Xavier, Inc. have established a business relationship their customers can leverage to benefit from both companies' capabilities and services. Sagouspé Real Estate, Inc. can help facilitate business transactions with Correia-Xavier, Inc. where the following services are offered:

Appraisals and consulting services for the following needs:

  • Financing
  • Estate Planning (and Settlement)
  • Undivided (Minority, or Partial) Interests, and Discounts
  • Conservation Easements
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Condemnation (Eminent Domain)
  • Litigation Support

Correia-xavier, Inc. also appraises all types of Agricultural Properties, throughout California:

  • Irrigated Cropland
  • Vineyards; Wine Grapes, Table Grapes, Raisin Grapes
  • Processing Facilities; Wineries, Nut Hullers, Dryers, and Processors, Packing Houses and Cold Storage
  • Orchards; Almonds, Tree Fruit, Citrus, Pistachios, Apples

Correia-Xavier, Inc. also offers map services, for property owners, lenders, & attorneys.

For more information on Correia-Xavier, please go to the Correia-Xavier website.



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